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Mental Health: Anxiety Protocol

So many of us suffer from anxiety! Sometimes it can be appropriate if we are not acting ethically or following our life’s purpose; other times it can be due to heavy metals, toxins like endocrine disrupters, stealth pathogens that disrupt our gut or vagus nerve, or childhood trauma/stress that harbors in the body.

Many people experience anxiety at night due to nocturnal pathogens like parasites. Lyme disease and water-damaged buildings can be a cause too. Any source of toxicity in the body or local environment can be a culprit.

If you need a bandaid while you look for the root cause, look no futher.

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Chill Capsules for Stress Relief

Dr. Jess’s natural Xanax! People really have weaned off those addictive meds for this non addictive formulation! Keep calm, and take this doctor-formulated capsule when you need to. Simply take a deep breath, give in to your bliss, and let Chill Caps work their magic (well…science).

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Sunlit Pathways

Cellular Release Therapy

Dr. Jess personally works with Cellular Release Therapy and has included it here for her subscribers since it has changed her life so much. We often speak of “doing the work” and clearing trauma from childhood,” but don’t know how to get started. This is technique is so effective because it involves getting permission from the subconscious first. Please know this is usually a continuous process that will not work miracles overnight.


The Alignment Principle

Emotional Release Therapy

Expect great things; don’t be too specific. Maybe you need help focusing on making changes in the present with goal setting for a future that actually works. Perhaps you need some new tools to help you better understand yourself, see your patterns and experiencing your life. Or – do you honestly need someone to look […]

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The Healing Couple


Cory Ostroot and Jessica Waala are master Breathwork facilitators and founders of the RESET Breathwork Method. Known as The Healing Couple, they lead soul-changing experiences to help high achievers heal from the inside out, unlock ultimate freedom, and amplify their lives and their impact.

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Access Dr. Jess personally curated holistic medicine guides and protocols.