WellnessPlus Energy Scans by Ariel Welch Bioresonance Testing

Energy Scans utilize bioresonance technology in order to pinpoint imbalances and weaknesses in the human biofield, this allows for a well-rounded look at energetic disturbance patterns and gives us clear direction on what we can do to correct these issues. It includes a comprehensive view on overall bioenergetic health: including insight on potential influences from pathogenic activity, nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, organ system stressors, emotional patterns, & more!
* Bioresonance testing is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Our Process
Focus Areas

Why try bioresonance testing?

If you feel like you have done everything and are still at a loss for what could be causing your health struggles, Energy Scans are a powerful tool that can help us tap into the body's innate intelligence which gives us a comprehensive view at potentially destructive energetic patterns. This provides a deeper level look into the roadblocks to your personal improvements and goals as well as what specifically is needed to restore balance to the overall system.

Step 1: Choose Your Scan

Choose either a Full Energy Scan or a specific Protocol Scan based on personal need.

Step 2: Fill Out Intake Form & Disclaimer

Once the forms are in, we are ready to run your scans!

Step 3: Receive Scan Report & Written Analysis

Please allow 1 week from the date of purchase for these to be delivered.

Our Unique Approach

This scanning process is based on the premise of quantum entanglement, which is the physics principle that states a pair of similar "particles" can accurately be measured even when at an infinite distance from each other (they cannot truly be separated energetically). Meaning, we can input certain parameters to pick up on your unique frequency blueprint in order to scan through our system to find resonant matches and disruptions. The reason this works is because we are all energetic beings, every cell in our body has a distinct vibrational pattern which can be quantified and tested for balance (as do things like pathogenic and emotional influences). We are able to use this information to gently guide disharmonious wavelengths back to optimal flow in order to bring better alignment to the system as a whole.

This technology is extremely helpful to elucidate a comprehensive look into what the body needs support with in present time. Some of the specific points of detail to expect from a Full Energy Scan include: organ systems needing support, potential pathogen/toxin disturbances, hormone/nutritional imbalances, vertebrae/dental stress, food sensitivities, therapies/supplements that are a good fit for your current state, & emotional influences.

* Bioresonance is not an FDA approved form of testing and the information provided should not be construed as medical advice or used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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What clients say

Real success stories

"Ariel is an energetic, passionate practitioner who uses her interest in natural healing to share good things with the world. She has helped me generously with her time and knowledge and I’m always excited to get her insights on the latest in the most holistic ways to care for our health. Thank you, Ariel!"

- Lori T.

"I started my healing journey with Ariel back in summer of 2022, I can finally say I'm at a completely different place now from where I was then. I not only overcame health anxiety but gained the mental strength to get through my healing journey and that continues today, Ariel wasn't just my practitioner she ended up my friend as well. She helped me with all the questions I asked, gave me peace of mind through the hard times, and always helped me get things back on track when a new symptom came about, because of her knowledge and my journey with her I truly believe healing is possible."

- Heather M.

"Working with Ariel was an eye opening experience for our family, but also very validating and reassuring. After years of mysterious and hard to track symptoms, resonance/frequency testing gave us all the answers we needed and made sense for what we were all experiencing but couldn’t find an answer for via naturopathic or functional medicine providers. Ariel gave considerate thought to our protocols and I knew intuitively that the information she was giving me was the first time our physical symptoms and our emotional wellbeing were being tended to at the root cause level. She always gave me a sense that everything was going to be cared for and I’ve never been more at ease knowing we were receiving the best care possible for each of us as individuals. Treatments were so specific to each of us and we all improved dramatically without the dramatics of guess work and questioning of whether or not things were better. I will always choose this way of healing as my go and trust that Ariel will be thoughtful and considerate to her approach in helping us find healing."

- Danielle W.

"At a young age, one of our children started experiencing quite a few health issues. We were consistently at the doctor and our issues were acknowledged, but no meaningful solutions were offered. We sought additional opinions, spent tons of money out of pocket on testing, and did eventually receive a great deal of answers, but still no solutions that made any sort of real impact. Still on the hunt for answers, we ventured into the world of alternative healing. After we started working with Ariel, we started to notice some improvement. It encouraged us to know that we could finally be on the right track. I am happy to report that our work together eventually resulted in a complete elimination of symptoms. We’re so thankful to have someone in our corner that can assist our family in being our healthiest selves. There is truly nothing more freeing than the ability to live a healthy and vibrant life!"

- Jessica S.

Energy Scan Pricing

Full Energy Scan
Protocol Scans

Full Energy Scan

Our Full Energy Scans include a comprehensive look into what might be contributing to overall health imbalances as well as a plan of action on how to support your body best at this time. Bioresonance can help put the puzzle pieces together for a wide range of symptoms, test don’t guess!

Results & Analysis will be delivered within 1 week of purchase.

Full Scan

What’s Included
  • Energy Scan Report
  • Written Analysis
  • Personalized Protocol
  • Next Steps to Take

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Download our sample full energy scan report
including results and overview with protocol.

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Our packages do not include supplements or labs, see below.

Supplements and Lab Testing Information

To fully personalize your wellness journey, we believe in the importance of flexibility and choice when it comes to supplements and lab testing. Here's what you should know:

Separate Purchase

Supplements and lab tests are not included in the consultation fee. These will need to be purchased separately.

Membership Benefits

As a valued member of WellnessPlus, you'll benefit from exclusive discounts and savings on these purchases, making your wellness journey more cost-effective.

Order with Ease

One of the distinct advantages of your WellnessPlus membership is the ability to order lab tests without the need for a separate doctor's order. This streamlines the process and ensures you can access the necessary tests with minimal hassle.

By providing this structure, we aim to give you the autonomy to make decisions that fit your individual needs and budget while still benefiting from our expert guidance.


Meet Our WellnessPlus Energy Scan Expert

Ariel Welch is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who specializes in bioenergetics, she acquired a BS in Neuroscience and BA in Psychology at UC Santa Cruz and then became a certified FNTP through the Nutritional Therapy Association. The world of energy and frequency has been her sole focus and concentration the past four years, throughout that time she has successfully helped hundreds of clients regain balance and alignment to their body fields. She is extremely passionate about this work and appreciates the opportunity to be a conduit in assisting others to better understand their intrinsic ability to become the best versions of themselves- to tap into their potential using energy as a guide.