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Brain, Glymphatic

What the HECK is a GLYMPHATIC, Dr Jess? Great question, guys! The Glymphatic system was coined in 2012 and is literally a BRAIN DRAIN. This system drains into the lymphatic system of the body! But, it only works when you get restorative sleep, as the channels that exchange cerebrospinal fluid and interstitial fluid only open and flow when you are in a deep slumber. Therefore, the main goal of this drainage pathway is to learn to get into rest and digest, relax and get good, restorative sleep!

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Beyond Balance


If you have brain fog and need to detox this is your product-can be used with any killing regimen. COGNEASE DETOX® was formulated to support gentle yet effective detoxification of those coping with neurological issues.*


Deep Sleep Grounding Bag

Dr Jess owns these and keeps them under her bed. These colloidal rocks utilize the power of the earth and its stones and mountains to harmonize EMF. Protecting oneself from the effects of the electromagnetic fields of cell towers, wifi and just our highly technologic society is important to consider for maintaining optimal health and healing. These grounding bags can be used to support better sleep and reduce the effects of EMFs when out and about as well!

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Enzyme Science

(PEA)+ With Meriva Curcumin

Dr. Jess loves (PEA)+ for its clinically proven, ultra-micronized form that effectively relieves stress and discomfort while supporting overall well-being.

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Integrative Therapeutics

Cortisol Manager

Dr. Jess loves this product for its ability to calm stress that might keep you awake. Do not take if sensitive to L theanine. The ingredients in Cortisol Manager support healthy cortisol levels.* Cortisol is one of the most important hormones involved in the adaptation process. By supporting balanced cortisol and a healthy stress response, Cortisol Manager also promotes relaxation to support restful sleep.* Cortisol is a hormone produced in the adrenal cortex that is released during times of […]

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Red Light Therapy

An in-home light therapy device like a Joovv treats your body with red and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths of light, delivered directly to your skin and cells. See how a Joovv treatment impacts the cells in your body.

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Kimberly Rose


Dr. Jess could not believe how energized and amazing she felt after breathwork. She actually got into it because of myofascial release and has continued to pursue it on her own. Kimberly has an amazing practice and has helped many of Dr. Jess’s clients, so Dr. Jess thought she would be a perfect addition to the store!

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Mag L-Threonate

Magnesium Threonate is Dr. Jess’s best magnesium choice for cognition, brain fog and to cross the blood brain barrier! Magnesium Threonate is the doctors’ choice for neurological and cognition issues! Mag L-Threonate features magnesium L-threonate as Magtein®, designed to help support cognitive health. Magnesium, a divalent cation, is important for neuronal activity as it binds to neurotransmitter receptors and is a co-factor for neuronal enzymes.*

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Red Light Therapy Devices

Red light therapy is extremely helpful for a multitude of conditions including aesthetic and rejuvenating the mitochondria!

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Nuleaf Naturals

Organic CBD

Since 2014 NuLeaf Naturals has been committed to creating the world’s highest quality CBD products in their most pure and potent form. Our full-spectrum CBD oil contains no additives and the only ingredient is organic hemp. Our mission is to create premium cannabinoid wellness products we would not only take ourselves but also share with […]

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This is great to calm down before sleep! Phytoembryotherapy is a branch of phytotherapy that specifically incorporates plant embryological tissues (buds, young shoots, etc.) containing plant meristem cells undifferentiated, fast dividing cells which contain the plant•s genetic blueprint and material. These embryonic tissues are rich in beneficial phyto-chemicals including: growth factors and plant hormones, enzymes, nucleic acids, oligoelements, and phytonutrients such as polyphenols […]

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Sleepi Capsules for Better Sleep

Dr. Jess formulated! Have trouble sleeping? Herbs + CBD and you’ll be out like a light! SOUL also has amazing hemp and herbal capsules that Dr. Jess helped formulate.

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The Healing Couple


Cory Ostroot and Jessica Waala are master Breathwork facilitators and founders of the RESET Breathwork Method. Known as The Healing Couple, they lead soul-changing experiences to help high achievers heal from the inside out, unlock ultimate freedom, and amplify their lives and their impact.

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Identify & address the underlying causes of chronic health conditions