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Vibrant Wellness is a leading science and technology company delivering life-transforming laboratory services using an integrated microarray platform that enables multiplex testing at an affordable cost.

Normally, testing requires a Doctors order but with your Wellness Plus membership, Dr. Jess has created a very special opportunity to have this testing completed without having to see a practitioner.

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Vibrant Wellness

Advanced Comprehensive Thyroid & Hormone Panel

Comprehensive Assessment of your Sex Hormones and Complete Thyroid Status. Includes Thyroid Panel, Hormone Panel, CBC, Nutrients, and more!

Price: $199
$60 Off for Members

Vibrant Wellness

Advanced COVID-19 Antibody Screening

This is a dried blood antigen test for Covid-19 infection. Quantitative antibody assay for four antigens of the COVID-19 virus. The first FDA Emergency Use Authorized test on dried blood spot to test for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies.

Price: $139
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Vibrant Wellness

Advanced Viral Infection Panel

Covid reactivates other viruses like EBV and CMV in 75% of Long Hauler’s cases. That is why we’ve included this comprehensive viral panel that even checks EBV early antigen. The most comprehensive chronic viral panel available.

Price: $240
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Vibrant Wellness

Environmental Toxins

This test kit will identify the presence of excessive environmental toxin exposure which can help uncover true root causes of toxicity from common environmental sources.

Price: $240
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Vibrant Wellness

Food Sensitivity

Dial-in your custom diet needs with accurate and precise food sensitivity testing from Vibrant Wellness. Food Sensitivity 96 is a comprehensive, accurate test that assesses your body’s reaction to 96 commonly consumed foods in the Western diet. Learn what to eliminate to address inflammatory dietary triggers through this panel.

Price: $179
$100 Off for Members

Vibrant Wellness

Gut Zoomer

This test is best for bacteria and yeast but not parasites. Unleash the power of Gut Zoomer and get a complete view of your digestion! This top-to-bottom assessment includes almost 300 species of bacteria, yeast/fungus, viruses, and parasites, as well as a full panel of inflammatory markers, markers of digestive capacity and function, and more.

Price: $479
$117 Off for Members

Vibrant Wellness

Heavy Metals

This is a urine test so you will need to provocate (using ALA with EDTA in our heavy metals protocol) prior to taking the test for accurate results. The Heavy Metals panel examines heavy metal toxicity to 20 of the most common heavy metals, which can be found in the environment, air, water sources, and common consumer products. Heavy metal toxicity can contribute to a total toxic burden and cause inflammatory symptoms including neurological and cognitive (brain) dysfunction, metabolic problems, digestive complaints, impaired detoxification, and more.

Price: $132
$100 Off for Members

Vibrant Wellness

Hormone Panel

This salivary hormone panel is easy to use for the most cutting edge answers to your cortisol and sex hormone questions. Optimize your health by detecting imbalances in sex hormones and cortisol/cortisone

Price: $249
$140 Off for Members

Vibrant Wellness

Hormones & Metabolites Comprehensive (Dutch)

Get to the bottom of hormonal imbalances with this test equivalent to DUTCH. This test is for those who want the most accurate assessment of hormone imbalance causes.

Price: $359
$175 Off for Members

Vibrant Wellness

Leaky Gut Panel

This easy to use kit checks markers like zonulin and lipopolysaccharide that point towards leaky gut. An at-home collection to objectively measure levels of intestinal permeability.

Price: $174
Save $160 for Members

Vibrant Wellness

Lyme & Tickborne Relapsing Fever (TBRF)

The Vibrant Tickborne Diseases – Lyme and TBRF panel includes 17 tickborne infections providing insight into what your body is currently fighting. This is a blood draw test.

Price: $240
$70 Off for Members

Vibrant Wellness

Micronutrient Panel

Unlock the secrets to optimal health with the Micronutrient panel from Vibrant Wellness. This advanced test dives deep into your cellular function to assess how your body absorbs and utilizes essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Gain insights into your nutritional status and tailor your diet with precision.

Price: $358.80

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