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RogersHood Apothecary: The ParaFy Kit Save 15%

What Dr. Jess Loves:

Dr. Jess is inspired by Kim’s solution to a very real personal problem for her family. Her parasite kit was born out of necessity. I appreciate the ingredients in these products. They’re gentler than cellcore so are my favorite option for sensitive folks!

RogersHood offers fantastic parasite cleanse products such as ParaFy. Gutty and Fulvic Soak as pictured. This discount code will work on all products by RogersHood.  This product can also be shipped internationally!

As featured, the ParaFy kit is a 30-day main parasite cleanse that includes 3 tinctures and a binder.

  • ParaFy: Main Parasite Cleanse
  • Sustain: Candida Support & Digestive Aid
  • Metal Flush: Heavy metal detox, liver cleanse, pain & mucus assistance
  • Cinnabin: Binder for herxheimer reactions

*Instructions come with the kit!
*Safe for children ages 3 and up!
*Products sold separately

The Nut-Free ParaFy Kit is also available!


  • ParaFy: 15 drops 3x daily. Kids: 15 drops 1-3x daily.
  • Sustain: 15 drops 2x daily. Kids: 15 drops 1x daily.
  • Metal Flush: 15 drops 3x daily. Kids: 15 drops 1x daily.


  • ParaFy: Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol, Raw Honey, Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull, Hawthorn Berry, Clove, Garlic
  • Sustain: Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol, Raw Honey, Oregon Grape Root, Usnea, Peppermint
  • Metal Flush: Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol, Raw Honey, Lungwort, Burdock Root, Willow Bark, Cilantro, Dandelion Root
  • Cinnabin: Ceylon Cinnamon, Coconut Activated Charcoal, Vegan Capsules


  • Hawthorn Berry: Tapeworms
  • Wormwood: Intestinal Worms, Pinworms & Roundworms
  • Black Walnut Hull: Worms, Parasite Eggs, Larvae, Adult, Pinworms, Hookworms & Tapeworms
  • Garlic: Intestinal Worms & Schistosomiasis
  • Clove: Roundworms, Giardia, Flatworms & Pinworms
  • Raw Honey: Candida


  • Oregon Grape Root: Giardia, Protozoans & Candida
  • Usnea: Ringworm, Candida & Bad Bacteria
  • Peppermint: Intestinal Parasites, Flukes & Roundworms
  • Raw Honey: Candida

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