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Binders are Dr Jess’s secret sauce! Binders are molecularly sticky and help to pull things out that do not belong there. Some famous binders include charcoal, clay and fulvic/humic acids. Look for binders that cross the blood brain barrie or out of the gut to pull toxins, radiaation, viruses, pesticides and other stealth pathogens.

CellCore: Biotoxin Binder

One of the three binders that Dr. Jess rotates all her patients through!

CellCore: Carboxy Binder

Carboxy is a binder that contains short- and long-chain carbons, which travel to different areas of the body to remove harmful environmental elements. That’s the key: Carboxy works systemically to promote full-body detoxification, moving beyond the gut.

CellCore: HM-ET Binder

HM-ET Binder supports the body’s natural ability to detoxify and encourages cellular repair.* With the addition of Carbon Technology, it lends increased support to mitochondrial health, immunity, energy production, and long-term health.* HM-ET Binder is primarily designed for clients who are in the intermediate stages of promoting detoxification.* Because of this, HM-ET Binder is typically […]

CellCore: ViRadChem Binder

One of the three binders Dr. Jess rotates all of her clients through!

Ortho Molecular: Z-Binder 20% Off

Dr Jess loves that this product contains humic and fulvic acids! It does leave the gut for that reason. Z-Binder is a broad-spectrum binding formula containing natural ingredients from the purest sources to support enhanced clearance of heavy metals, unwanted organisms and organic compounds from the GI tract.*

Quicksilver Scientific: Ultrabinder 20% Off

This binder is universal and binds a wide array of toxins, but does not leave the gut. This may allow our body to detoxify safely and naturally.* Can bind the widest array of […]

Standard Process: Gastro-Fiber 20% Off

This is a more natural binder using fiber that is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Using psyllium husk, fiber and fenugreek, this product helps to bind and bulk up stools while pulling things out of things out of the intestines that do not belong there.

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3 months Silver access for $199 ($297 value)