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Axis Mundi – Psychedelic Therapies Save 20%

Axis Mundi makes intentional work with psychedelics for healing and growth accessible to all who feel called to it. By working with our offerings, you receive professional-level, psychedelic therapy guidance and support that is easily affordable and accessible. Axis Mundi is made up of Brooke Novick, LMFT and Michael Ian Kirsch, M.A.

Ergogenic Health – Nootropics Course Save 10%

Imagine having control over your motivation, mood, anxiety, drive, libido, memory performance & executive functioning. Think about how much you could achieve. Life becomes a breeze when you harness the power of Nootropics & Cosmetic Neurology. Are you sick of feeling average? Take control NOW!

Ergogenic Health – Testosterone Course Save 10%

This course is specifically dedicated to men over the age of 18 that are seeking a boost in sexual confidence, masculine energy and overall quality of life. I want to give ALL men the opportunity to feel their best every single day. This course will provide you with research that you can take advantage of and manipulate your own biology to feel a certain way!

Med School for Moms USE LINK

Dr Jess is not only friends with Dr Elana, but Dr Elana’s course goes hand in hand with Dr Jess’s vaccine course!