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You’ll be pleased to find sources of products for the home, including nontoxic bedding, nontoxic cookware, and nontoxic furniture in this category, handpicked by Dr. Jess!

She shops here herself and wanted to pass the savings and awareness on to you. Check out these great partners to find non-toxic products for your home!

ASIET Air Purifiers

Industrial level air purification, not just filtration. ASIET sets the standard for air quality systems. Tested and certified for use in many government, disaster, and hospital applications, this is simply the best system for a whole house application.

Berkey Water Filters

Dr Jess uses her Berkey regularly and as a backup for power outages (other systems such as ionizers will not work without power) or loss in water pressure from the tap. They are great off-grid as well!

Chilisleep Save 20%

I own a Chilisleep!! You can regulate the temperature on the bed and its EMF Free! It uses Distilled water and helps regulate your sleep. I never wake up sweaty or freezing! I notice such a huge difference when i travel and I don’t have mine! One of my newest favorite hacks that I own!

Earth and Moon Save 10%

Dr Jess loves grounding mats for those who live in the city!

Noelles Naturals Save 10%

Dr Jess is a huge fan of Pine Needle Tea from Noelle Naturals! Good clean products you do not have to worry about while using!

Thrive Market Free Gift

It can be hard to find food as it should be: made of real ingredients, safe for the environment, fairly priced, created for your needs, and delicious. Dr Jess recommends and uses Thrive Market to ensure access to everyday pantry essentials at wholesale prices!