Methylene Blue

Dr. Jess recently experienced deep healing using Methylene Blue! Methylene blue is a manmade thiazine dye created in the 1800s. It is on the World Health Organization’s List of essential medications. It personally changed Dr. Jess’ life and got rid of the facial asymmetry she had!

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High Purity Methylene Blue Powder – USP Grade (5 gm)

Dr Jess likes this company for all of their international shipping options but now prefers Troscriptions. Methylene Blue is a very versatile dye with multiple uses. This is the USP grade purity methylene blue powder and can be used for all the below functions (and others too) given its high purity: For staining in microscopy As a dye for colouring For science experiments For testing purity of milk In aquarium for […]

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Just Blue Methylene Blue 16mg

Just Blue is a nootropic made with 16mg of pharmaceutical-grade, purity/potency tested methylene blue. It boosts energy levels, enhances memory, improves focus, protects the brain, and so much more. 4 troches per box. Up to 16 servings.

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