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Cory Ostroot and Jessica Waala are master Breathwork facilitators and founders of the RESET Breathwork Method. Known as The Healing Couple, they lead soul-changing experiences to help high achievers heal from the inside out, unlock ultimate freedom, and amplify their lives and their impact.

As Naturopathic physicians and yoga Teachers, they’ve traveled the world and experienced everything from plant medicine, talk therapy, yoga, personal development seminars, shamanic journeys, silent meditation retreats… you name it. But nothing came close to Breathwork for long-lasting transformation. Through breath, they’ve transmuted years of anxiety, burnout, and depression into deep inner peace and self-love, abundance in life and business, and true happiness from within.

Today, Cory has stepped away as a full-time Physician, and together, they’ve supported thousands of humans all over the globe through their events, group programs, and coaching as well as trained others to become RESET Breathwork facilitators through their certification program. Their mission is to impact millions of lives because they believe that together we can heal the world, and it starts with your breath.

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