Test Kits

Please note that purchasing a test kit does not include a live consult to review your results, please book with one of our recommended practitioners which can be found on protocol pages.

Diagnostic Solutions

CytoDx Cytokine Response Panel

Be at the forefront of immune system assessment. Illuminate the mysteries of cytokine dynamics and harness the power of knowledge for optimal health outcomes.

Price: $235


Comprehensive Blood Elements

Determine both your exposure to potentially toxic metals and the status of essential elements in your body with the Comprehensive Blood Elements test. This cutting-edge test combines whole blood and serum analysis to provide a full profile of metals and elements in your system, aiding in both diagnosis and treatment of metal toxicity.

Price: $186


Hair Toxic Metal Exposure

Hair elements analysis provides information regarding recent and ongoing exposure to potentially toxic metals, especially methylmercury and arsenic, and time-averaged status of specific nutrient elements.

Price: $79

ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies

CMRT Dental Panel

Screening procedure to determine existing reaction with components of dental and orthopedic restoratives, irrespective of initiating source; facilitate selection of least offensive restorative products for individual patients.

Price: $450


DIY ERMI Home Mold Test

The Envirobiomics DIY ERMI Home Mold Test offers an easy, reliable way to assess your home’s mold levels, using scientifically validated methods to provide a clear understanding of indoor air quality and mold exposure.

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Holistic Home Zone

ERMI Mold Test Consultation

25-minute session with a certified Building Biologist who provides personalized advice on mold issues, including analyzing test results and discussing testing plans. Ideal for those facing mold concerns or seeking to understand their home’s mold situation, this expert consultation is key to maintaining a healthy indoor environment.


HLA-DR/DQ Mold Hypersensitivity

A number of non-specific symptoms may occur in persons living or working in moisture-damaged buildings infested by hazardous microbiota.

Price: $195


Mood/Behavioral Panel

The Kashi Mood Profile Panel identifies nutrient deficiencies that may contribute each patient’s susceptibility to mood disorders.

Price: $138


Basic Wellness Panel

Half of all US adults have one or more chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or obesity. Knowing particular lab test numbers can help make more informed clinical decisions regarding your patient’s lifestyle. Wellness tests can help identify issues before they start and can also assist in identifying problems earlier before they present themselves, such as liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, anemia, and cardiovascular disease. Wellness lab testing can also screen for potential red flags that could compromise health.

Price: $79


Complete STD Profile

This profile includes testing for gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, hepatitis viruses, herpes simplex viruses, HIV, and syphilis, as well as a complete blood count and complete urinalysis.

Price: $189


Complete Wellness Panel

The Evexia Diagnostics Complete Wellness Panel continues to expand from the Standard Wellness option. It can be considered an essential wellness panel for those over 30-years of age and, in particular, for those with significant stress or concomitant health conditions/concerns.

Price: $189


Comprehensive Wellness Panel

This panel can be considered as an essential wellness panel for those over 30-years of age, in particular for those with significant emotional and oxidative stress, suspected nutrient deficiencies, suspected reproductive and thyroid hormone imbalances, or concomitant health concerns and conditions.

Price: $489.00

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