Kimberly Rose: Breathe 15% Off

What Dr. Jess Loves:

Dr. Jess could not believe how energized and amazing she felt after breathwork. She actually got into it because of myofascial release and has continued to pursue it on her own. Kimberly has an amazing practice and has helped many of Dr. Jess’s clients, so Dr. Jess thought she would be a perfect addition to the store!

My name is Kimberly! I hold a safe, loving, and compassionate space for you to unlock the answers from within.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a safe, gentle, and connected hour-long breathing technique that helps restore your mind and body to wellness!

One Session can:

  • Gently release & restore chronic symptoms in the body
  • Calm your nervous system
  • Make you feel safe, loved, and supported
  • Unlock deep stored emotions
  • Help you create a beautiful flow in your life
  • Give you lots of natural energy!
  • Empower you
  • Bring peace, calm, & clarity
  • Heal your heart from past pain
  • Help support relationships

(Sessions are done virtually)

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