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Self Care Activities

Elevate your self-care routine with our transformative holistic detox activities, surpassing the significance of mere supplements for drainage and other protocols. Embrace the power of deliberate choice by selecting one to two activities from our carefully curated list to engage in each day. These practices hold paramount importance, potentially outweighing the impact of the very supplements you consume. Prioritize your well-being and unlock the true potential of self-care as you embark on this extraordinary journey.

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Air Doctor

Air Purifiers

**Purchase AirDoctor 5000 & AirDoctor 3000 together and get an AirDoctor 1000 FREE while supplies last** Reduce these types of toxins with the AirDoctor, the Professional Quality Air Purifier that’s 100X More Effective than Ordinary Air Purifiers. Containing a HEPA PLUS along with a carbon filter, Dr. Jess owns an Air Doctor herself! Indoor air […]

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Alila Grace

Yoni Steam Kit Queen

Dr. Jess received so much healing virtually with Alila Grace. Her products are created with love, devotion, have impeccable sourcing, and her message is one of deep feminine empowerment with the magic of being a woman.


Air Purifiers

Industrial level air purification, not just filtration. ASIET sets the standard for air quality systems. Tested and certified for use in many government, disaster, and hospital applications, this is simply the best system for a whole house application.

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Axis Mundi

Psychedelic Therapies

Axis Mundi makes intentional work with psychedelics for healing and growth accessible to all who feel called to it. By working with our offerings, you receive professional-level, psychedelic therapy guidance and support that is easily affordable and accessible. Axis Mundi is made up of Brooke Novick, LMFT and Michael Ian Kirsch, M.A.

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One of Dr Jess’s fave red light companies-check out their red light mouth guard! Since we all share the same anatomy and physiology, red light therapy is an amazing health & wellness tool for humans across the life spectrum.

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Dental Products

BOKA has the cleanest ingredients and uses an alternative to fluoride called hydroxyapatite which strengthens the teeth. IDr Jess appreciates their science-backed, yet holistic, approach.

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Branch Basics

All-Purpose Cleaners

Branch Basics is Dr. Jess’s go-to for all-purpose cleaners. Wait until you try the amazing oxygen boost, which is great for laundry, stains, and grout. No bleach, ammonia, fragrances, or dyes.

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Cooling Mattress

Dr Jess owns a Chilisleep and misses it everytime she travels!! You can regulate the temperature on the bed and its EMF Free! It uses Distilled water and helps regulate your sleep. She never wake up sweaty or freezing! Dr Jess fave

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Gem & Crystal Shop

This shop is one of the most secret gems of the crystal shop world. ALL of their inventory is free of heat-treatments, dyes, synthetic stabilizers and irradiation. Their crystals are ethically and sustainably sourced.

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LOW EMF Cedar Saunas and Dr Jess loves it! Sauna® models are made from Eco-Certified sustainable Western Red Canadian Cedar or North American Basswood and we use solid wood construction.

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Earth and Moon

Grounding Mats

Dr Jess loves grounding mats for those who live in the city!

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Candle Company

Dr. Jess personally uses Fontana candles and has been impressed with their non-toxic and unique scents. She always has one burning at her house!

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$20 off your first month

Access Dr. Jess personally curated holistic medicine guides and protocols.