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Earth and Moon Save 10%

Earth and Moon was started in the search for alternative methods to treat everyday health problems. In our search, we drew upon our own experiences growing up in Australia where swimming, surfing, running and being surrounded by nature was part of our normal routine. It made us feel happy, centered and relaxed. However, we quickly realised that this was not a normal practice for most people. Things like bad weather, limited access to private outdoor space, injury or an aversion to dirty feet prevent us from making direct contact with the earth’s surface on a daily basis, often leaving us feeling scattered, anxious and disconnected. So we got thinking… Why don’t we bring the practice of “grounding” and it’s amazing benefits to the comfort of our home! The Earth and Moon Grounding Mat is a safe and easy way to connect to the earth’s electrons when you simply can’t be outside in nature. They come in a complete kit with everything you need to get started. Now you can incorporate grounding into your lifestyle without changing your daily routine.

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