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Parasites - Liver Fluke Protocol

Our holistic protocol presents a comprehensive and promising approach to eradicating liver flukes, a parasitic menace that poses significant health risks. By integrating various key components, this protocol targets the issue from multiple angles, aiming to break the lifecycle of liver flukes and prevent their reinfestation. The protocol combines advanced diagnostic techniques for early detection, enabling timely intervention and treatment. Utilizing a potent blend of herbal remedies, pharmaceuticals, and natural supplements, it tackles the flukes at various developmental stages, disrupting their growth and reproductive processes. Additionally, our protocol emphasizes dietary adjustments and nutritional support to enhance the host’s immune response, making it more resilient against these harmful parasites. With regular monitoring and continuous research, we aspire to curtail the prevalence of liver flukes and safeguard the well-being of individuals at risk, moving towards a fluke-free future.

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Biocidin Botanicals

Biocidin LSF

One of Dr Jess’s faves for intracellular pathogens and parasites. Can be used for the KILL portion of kill bind sweat. For a Healthy and Balanced Intestinal Ecology Biocidin LSF assists in the removal of biofilms, enhances the lymphatic circulation of therapeutic compounds, and assists in the delivery of broad-spectrum botanicals to the central nervous system.


Advanced TUDCA

This is Dr. Jess’s absolute favorite liver supplement! It supports production and flow of bile, which is essential for digestion and drainage. She also loves to pair it with Liver Sauce by Quicksilver Scientific.


Biotoxin Binder

One of the three binders that Dr. Jess rotates all her patients through! It is one of the more gentle of Cell Cores Binders and is a good place to start. The advantages of Cell Core’s binders is they can be taken with other foods and supplements unlike other comparable products.


Para 1

Para 1 is one of the most effective gut “scrubbing” products. We love this product because it removes by pushing out rather than killing so is gentle AND effective. It supports clearing pathogenic biofilms and removal of toxins of all kinds from the digestive tract!

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Quicksilver Scientific

Dr. Shade’s Liver Sauce

Dr. Jess loves this liver detox and often pairs it with TUDCA. Know your body though! Dr. Shade’s Liver Sauce™ is a premier liver support combination that simultaneously supports all phases of detoxification and toxin elimination. Each 5 mL of Dr. Shade’s LiverSauce™ delivers 810mg of a proprietary blend, and 60mg of R-Lipoic Acid. A serving size is one teaspoon. Each bottle contains 20 servings. LiverSauce™ contains a blend of four […]

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$15 Off First Month

For new customers on all memberships