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Biocidin Botanicals: Biocidin LSF Wholesale

What Dr. Jess Loves:

One of Dr Jess’s faves for intracellular pathogens and parasites. Can be used for the KILL portion of kill bind sweat. For a Healthy and Balanced Intestinal Ecology Biocidin LSF assists in the removal of biofilms, enhances the lymphatic circulation of therapeutic compounds, and assists in the delivery of broad-spectrum botanicals to the central nervous system.

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Bio-Botanical Research Biocidin LSF

Your gastrointestinal health may be under attack by a number of factors, such as poor dietary choices, high levels of stress, and even frequent travel. These factors can have negative effects on the health and balance of the microflora that live in your intestines.

Biocidin LSF is a dietary supplement and broad-spectrum liposomal formula from Bio-Botanical Research that contains all-natural ingredients to support optimal intestinal ecology and G.I. health. To learn more check out “The Definitive Guide to Biocidin”. Biocidin has a few different formulations as well as synergistic products. Sinus infections, leaky gut syndrome, Lyme disease, and yeast are just a few of the uses for Biocidin.

Product features:

  • Made with a blend of herbal and botanical ingredients like black walnut, bilberry, tea tree oil, white willow bark, and lavender oil
  • Uses an etheric delivery, which provides small particles that are immediately bioavailable
  • Delivers botanicals to your nervous system and promotes intracellular absorption of those botanical ingredients
  • It may also help get rid of biofilms

Bio-Botanical Research’s Biocidin LSF comes in a convenient liquid form with an easy-to-use pump. Just one to three pumps every day may help give your body the support it needs for optimal gastrointestinal health and a balanced intestinal ecology.

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