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CZTL: High Purity Methylene Blue Powder – USP Grade (5 gm) WellnessPlus Members Save $10

Methylene Blue is a very versatile dye with multiple uses.

This is the USP grade purity methylene blue powder and can be used for all the below functions (and others too) given its high purity:

  • For staining in microscopy
  • As a dye for colouring
  • For science experiments
  • For testing purity of milk
  • In aquarium for treatment of fishes
  • In food for colouring
  • & Many more-like carbon monoxide poisoning, cellular oxygenation, Bartonella ┬áLyme treatment, and energy metabolism.

This product is shipped in powder form (easy to use 1 gm bottles) and you can mix it with water to prepare any concentration you wish.

So, to clarify, since this is 5 grams of Methylene Blue, you can prepare :

  • 5000 mL of 0.1% MB Solution OR
  • 500 mL of 1% MB Solution OR
  • 250 mL of 2% MB Solution OR
  • Any concentration and combination you wish

In case you have any queries or concerns, you can ping CZTL over chat or email via the contact form provided and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Each parcel is sent with a Certificate of Analysis that confirms its purity.

The 1% concentration is the most widely used.

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