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Long Haulers Protocol

Our holistic protocol offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to effectively reverse the symptoms experienced by long-haulers of COVID-19. By integrating various modalities, including personalized nutrition plans, targeted exercise routines, stress management techniques, and evidence-based natural remedies, our protocol aims to address the multifaceted nature of long COVID. Through careful assessment and tailored interventions, we target lingering inflammation, respiratory issues, fatigue, and cognitive impairments commonly associated with long COVID. Our team of skilled healthcare professionals collaborates to provide individualized care, fostering physical recovery, mental well-being, and immune system support. With a focus on empowering patients to take an active role in their healing journey, our holistic protocol offers hope for long-haulers to regain their vitality and quality of life.

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Apex Energetics

Histo X

Dr. Jess likes this product for those with mast cell activation syndrome and histamine intolerance, especially with those who have migraine headaches with their histamine response as Histo-X contains butterbar! Histo-X™ is a unique way to approach histamine-related pathways.* This advanced formula supports the body’s healthy response to foods and other environmental factors.* Histo-X may support the immune system together with certain physiological systems, such as the cardiovascular, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems.*

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Beyond Balance


If you have brain fog and need to detox this is your product-can be used with any killing regimen. COGNEASE DETOX® was formulated to support gentle yet effective detoxification of those coping with neurological issues.*

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Beyond Balance


CYFLACALM II™ helps ffor inflammation inflammation and chronic pain, especially targeting blood vessels and the brain/nerves. It may aid in reducing inflammation in the vascular and nervous systems, as well as major organs.*

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Beyond Balance


Dr. Jess loves Beyond Balance products! DRENA-SPPT™ helps balance the HPA axis that support the adrenals in making energy vs resting, depending on what you need. This is a unique herbal formula designed to provide a modulating effect on the adrenals.*


ViRadChem Binder

One of the three binders Dr. Jess rotates all of her clients through! This one targets viral pathogens and radiation. Dr. Jess takes this after fights.

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Essential Oils

doTERRA sources, tests, manufactures, and distributes pure essential oils and natural wellness products to over nine million Wellness Advocates and customers. Our products are shipped to 86 countries and counting. When you use a bottle of doTERRA essential oil, you’re using an oil that is pure. There are no contaminants, fillers, or adulterations. The essential […]

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Kimberly Rose


Dr. Jess could not believe how energized and amazing she felt after breathwork. She actually got into it because of myofascial release and has continued to pursue it on her own. Kimberly has an amazing practice and has helped many of Dr. Jess’s clients, so Dr. Jess thought she would be a perfect addition to the store!

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Mag L-Threonate

Magnesium Threonate is Dr. Jess’s best magnesium choice for cognition, brain fog and to cross the blood brain barrier! Magnesium Threonate is the doctors’ choice for neurological and cognition issues! Mag L-Threonate features magnesium L-threonate as Magtein®, designed to help support cognitive health. Magnesium, a divalent cation, is important for neuronal activity as it binds to neurotransmitter receptors and is a co-factor for neuronal enzymes.*

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Red Light Therapy Devices

Red light therapy is extremely helpful for a multitude of conditions including aesthetic and rejuvenating the mitochondria!

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Noelles Naturals

Pine Needle Tea

Dr Jess is a huge fan of Pine Needle Tea from Noelle Naturals to detox from the spike protein of mRNA vaccines! Good clean products you do not have to worry about while using!

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Professional Formulas

Cellular Oxygenator

Since Hydroxygen from Cellcore is out of stock, try this one for hyper oxygenation! For the temporary relief of fatigue, weakened memory or fogginess, minor muscle or joint pain, or occasional headaches.

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Pure Encapsulations

Nitric Oxide Support

One of the best for Long-Haulers! Nitric Oxide Support contains arginine, a nitric oxide precursor that supports healthy circulation and delivery of oxygen to working muscles. Nitric Oxide Support helps protect muscles from oxidation during intense exercise and delay the onset of muscle fatigue.* Supports healthy circulation and delivery of oxygen to working muscles* Promotes energy production in muscles during exercise* […]

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