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Ergogenic Health – Testosterone Course Save 10%

This course is specifically dedicated to men over the age of 18 that are seeking a boost in sexual confidence, masculine energy, and overall quality of life. I want to give ALL men the opportunity to feel their best every single day. This course will provide you with research that you can take advantage of and manipulate your own biology to feel a certain way!

Testosterone Creation In The Body: Learn about how Testosterone is produced and the other critical hormones.

Specific Testosterone Boosting Foods:  This highlights specific foods that are pro-androgenic and anti-estrogenic.

Learn Which Diets Max Testosterone: Uncover specific dietary modifications that have been shown to boost Testosterone.

Herbs Men MUST Avoid: This section breaks down which herbs that are problematic for men.

Erection Hacks: A step-by-step guide to bringing back your morning wood, erections of steel, and quality.

Potent Cortisol Lowering Strategies: Explores how men can reload their erections faster, and go another round by decreasing cortisol.

Key Cause of Premature Ejaculation: We analyze one major cause of premature ejaculation (amongst many) that not many guys know about.

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