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Beyond Balance


This is the biofilm buster to go with if you are sensitive! MC-BFM-1® combines the plant sterol found in Guggul with enzymes and may affect the breakdown and prevention of biofilm activity in the body.*



Dr Jess’s favorite probiotic!



This blend contains enzymes that support healthy blood flow and digestive enzymes that support digestion. Support digestive function, nutrient absorption, energy production, and immunity with CT-Zyme.* This proprietary blend of 11 digestive enzymes — including amylase, beta glucanase, bromelain, and cellulase — assist the body in digesting high-fiber and nutrient-dense foods, such as beans, fruit, grains, lentils, and vegetables.* Each enzyme in CT-Zyme functions at a specific pH, which makes […]

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Dr. Jess herself takes daily since she has a recessive gene for polycythemia vera, or thick blood. But this can also be taken to break down biofilm to expose the immune defenses to the problem prior to a detox. Caution if on blood thinners. May also cause GI upset.

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Klaire Labs


This biofilm buster is geared towards GI pathogens. InterFase® is a unique enzyme formulation that is especially designed to disrupt the biofilm matrix that embeds gastrointestinal organisms.† Enzymes in InterFase® are selected for their ability to lyse the extracellular polymers commonly found in biofilm as well as degrade bacterial and yeast cell wall structures. Formulated for bacterial, fungal and yeast gastrointerstinal issues. Take away from meals if possible.

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Priority One

Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced

An exclusive product formulated by: Dr. Paul S. Anderson This supplement is specifically formulated for the disruption of advanced biofilms.* Biofilms form and evolve from early (“Phase-1” weaker) to later (“Phase-2” stronger) forms. This supplement was […]

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Pure Encapsulations

NAC 900mg

N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine (NAC) is a gentle biofilm buster, cellular antioxidant support that specifically promotes healthy lung tissue and is the precursor to glutathione. If you are allergic to glutathione, try this. N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine (NAC) is a free radical scavenger that supports glutathione levels in tissues.* Supports cellular antioxidant defense system* Promotes healthy lung tissue* Made with hypoallergenic ingredients N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine (NAC) is a derivative of the dietary amino acid l-cysteine. NAC has a high affinity […]

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Quicksilver Scientific

Quinton Isotonic

The best minerals out of Germany. Quinton minerals are a very gentle biofilm buster. Start here if you’re very sensitive!

Researched Nutritionals


Biodistrupt supports the breakdown of pathogen biofilms which is essential to address when healing from chronic infections. This product contains enzymes, botanicals and NAC, all of which are known biofilm disrupters, and when combined increase the overall effect!

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Seeking Health

Sacchromyces Boulardii

Probiotic and biofilm buster safe for children. Sacchromyces Boulardii is a yeast that comes from mangosteen fruit. It is also a known to help to modulate immunity. It is useful in adding to opening drainage or in the killing phases.

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