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Bee & You: Propolis Nasal Spray Save 25%

Dr. Jess recently discovered Bee and You products and LOVES their propolis nasal spray to pull out mycotoxins and colonized bacteria from the nasal cavity. Honey and propolis are super sticky so very efficacious! Enjoy

CellCore: Carboxy Binder No consult required

Carboxy is a binder that contains short- and long-chain carbons, which travel to different areas of the body to remove harmful environmental elements. That’s the key: Carboxy works systemically to promote full-body detoxification, moving beyond the gut.

CellCore: Comprehensive Protocol Phase 1 Energy and Drainage Practitioner referral

The products in Phase 1 deliver key nutrients for optimizing mitochondrial health and establishing healthy drainage pathways — both of which are essential before promoting periods of detoxification.* This also helps minimize unwanted reactions and encourages sustained energy as your patient moves through the protocol.

CellCore: Comprehensive Protocol Phase 2 Gut & Immune Support Practitioner referral

After preparing the body for detoxification in Phase 1, Phase 2 focuses on balancing the gut microbiome, encouraging healthy bile flow, removing occasional intestinal buildup, and optimizing digestive function.* Phase 2 consists of Advanced TUDCA, BC-ATP, BioToxin Binder, Para 1, and Para 2.

CellCore: Comprehensive Protocol Phase 3 Whole Body Immune Support Practitioner referral

Phase 3 builds momentum for deeper, whole-body cleansing with six products: BC-ATP, CT-Minerals, LymphActiv, Para 1, Para 3, and ViRadChem Binder.

CellCore: Comprehensive Protocol Phase 5 Deeper Immune Support Practitioner referral

Phase 5 provides potent blends of herbs in tincture and supplement form, designed to encourage lymphatic drainage, optimize immune system function, promote systemic detoxification, and support the gut microbiome.* It consists of IS-BAB, IS-BART, IS-BOOST, IS-BORR, and LymphActiv.

CellCore: Foundational Protocol Step 2 Gut & Immune Support Practitioner referral

After optimizing ATP production and healthy drainage pathways in Step 1, Step 2 focuses on promoting the body’s natural detoxification processes and nurturing the gut microbiome.*

CellCore: Foundational Protocol Step 3 Whole Body Immune Support Practitioner referral

Step 3 builds momentum for deeper, whole-body cleansing.* It consists of Advanced TUDCA, CT-Minerals, Para 1, Para 3, and ViRadChem to continue to promote healthy drainage pathways, encourage the removal of occasional intestinal buildup, and support liver health and bile flow.*

CellCore: Foundational Protocol Step 4 Systemic Detox Practitioner referral

Step 4 picks up where Step 3 left off to continue promoting systemic detoxification and healthy drainage pathways with BC-ATP, HM-ET Binder, LymphActiv, and Para 4.* BC-ATP returns to optimize energy production and mitochondrial health, while the other three products are introduced to the protocol for the first time.*

CellCore: Intestinal Permeability Support Kit Practitioner referral

This kit is intended for those who may require additional digestive system support, with herbs and nutrients to optimize GI tract function, digestion and healthy bile flow, the body’s natural ability to detoxify, and promote an overall balanced system.*

CellCore: Para 1 Practitioner referral

Para 1 is CellCore’s flagship immune and digestive support product. Made from the Mimosa Pudica Seed, this fat-soluble supplement has the ability to deliver tangible, visible results. In the digestive tract, Mimosa Pudica seed becomes jelly-like and sticky as it scrubs the gut and grabs unwanted elements, such as toxins, chemicals, and pathogens, in the […]

CellCore: Parasite Kit Practitioner referral

The supplements in this kit provide key herbs and nutrients to support the body’s natural ability to detoxify during a full moon, including Mimosa pudica seed, amla fruit, black walnut hull, clove bud, holy basil, neem.* These ingredients also lend increased support to digestion, the immune system, and the gut microbiome.*

CellCore: Stomach Support Kit Practitioner referral

The supplements in this kit promote optimal stomach and digestive function, healthy bile flow, a balanced gut microbiome, and the body’s natural detoxification processes.* It includes herbs used traditionally to support healthy stomach function, including celery seed, cordyceps, holy basil, and noni root.*

Dr. Emily Hernandez, ND Save 10%

Dr. Jess is so very excited to bring Dr. Emily onboard Wellness Plus! Dr. Emily is thorough in her questions and answers and tries to unearth the core of what is causing the illness in clients. She is kind and super intelligent! She is skilled in Lyme, mold, biotoxin illness, herbal protocols, and hormones. Please give her a warm welcome!

IS-BAB Practitioner referral

IS-BAB stands for IS-Babesia. If you’ve heard Dr. Jess speak about this pathogen, you might remember it causes anemia, shortness of breath, vascular problems, and night sweats. Babesia is a parasite that often runs with Lyme disease. IS-BAB is a new combination of potent herbs to tackle pathogens. Stimulate your immune defenses with this tincture […]

IS-BART Practitioner referral

IS-BART stands for IS-Bartonella. Bartonella is a gram-negative bacteria that often runs as a coinfection with Lyme. It can cause symptoms such as rage, ice pick headaches, pain on the soles of the feet, and red papules on the skin. Bust through pathogen purging plateaus with a new troupe of herbs including wormwood, black walnut […]

IS-BOOST Practitioner referral

IS-BOOST is a potent blend of herbs to supercharge your detox protocol. It’s the perfect add-on to any pathogen and parasite cleansing protocol, offering adaptogenic properties, reducing inflammation, supporting the immune system, protecting your drainage organs, and inhibiting pathogens systemically in the body. IS-BOOST is just that, a boost to the immune system. It is […]

LymphActiv Practitioner referral

Dr Jess’s weak drainage pathway is the lymphatic system, which is the sewer system of the body. It holds onto emotional baggage and toxicities, so be sure to use LymphActiv to loosen up fascia/lymph and manual manipulation to help move it along.

Para 2 Practitioner referral

Developed over years of clinical trials, Para 2 Immune & Digestive Support is a multi-herb formula specifically designed for powerful immune and digestive support. The proprietary blend includes multiple ingredients built to maximize the body’s ability to boost immune system function and detox. Best taken with Para 1. This is an Ayurvedic formulation made for […]

Para 3 Practitioner referral

Take your immune-boosting protocol to the next level. Para 3 is not just a new combination of herbs to fight pathogens. Para 3 is designed to absorb deep into tissues to address pathogens other products can’t. The tincture model allows more specific dosing options, letting you increase/decrease per the individual comfort level. Para 3 comes […]

Poli Pet Save 25%

Poli pet products give your dog or cat the ability to live their life to the fullest. That means longer and healthier. Reduce stress, improve digestion, eliminate skin allergies, bad gas, quicker muscle recovery, better performance, immune support, and more.

WellFuture: VacciShield Save 15%

Dr Catherine Clinton helped to create this product which works in the face of vaccination to protect your loved ones. This is a mini detox during this time!