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Deep Sleep Grounding Bag

Dr Jess owns these and keeps them under her bed. These colloidal rocks utilize the power of the earth and its stones and mountains to harmonize EMF. Protecting oneself from the effects of the electromagnetic fields of cell towers, wifi and just our highly technologic society is important to consider for maintaining optimal health and healing. These grounding bags can be used to support better sleep and reduce the effects of EMFs when out and about as well!

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Quicksilver Scientific

Liposomal Melatonin Spray

Dr Jess pairs this product with her Melatonin reset (see Insomnia Quickie for instructions). Melatonin is naturally produced in the body. Melatonin supports a healthy sleep-wake cycle and normal circadian rhythms. Melatonin may be beneficial in settings of travel related sluggishness, occasional sleeplessness, or altered sleep schedules due to shift work. Can support healthy sleep cycles, may offset travel related tiredness, can support immune function, liposomal liquid allows dose to be adjusted easily and absorbed better.

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Sleep & Beyond

Organic Natural Bedding

Sleep & Beyond is a 3rd generation family-owned manufacturer of organic and natural bedding with fair trade and sustainable factories located in Kyrgyzstan, “The Switzerland of Central Asia”, India and China. Since 1992, we have been helping our customers all around the world to sleep better and healthier through the magic of wool. Our world-famous […]

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Sleepi Capsules for Better Sleep

Dr. Jess formulated! Have trouble sleeping? Herbs + CBD and you’ll be out like a light! SOUL also has amazing hemp and herbal capsules that Dr. Jess helped formulate.

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TheraO3 Bubbler

Dr Jess loves Therasage and their commitment to science based products. The TheraO3 Bubbler is the latest edition to the Therasage line of Personal and affordable Ozone Devices. The Bubbler offers many features and applications to Bring O3 – Ozone or extra oxygen into our bodies. Oxygen Therapy has been used for decades to support immune function, fight off the negative effects of microbial attacks, like […]

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Access Dr. Jess personally curated holistic medicine guides and protocols.