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Viral & Retroviral Kit

Viruses are a natural part of the environment. When your body and immune defenses are healthy and robust, you adapt to them easily. However, when you encounter large numbers of viruses and your immune system is weakened, viruses can create considerable problems. Viruses and retroviruses enter into and grow within living cells. These pathogens can cause disease by compromising your immune system and altering the genetic material within your hijacked cells. They can also cause systemic inflammation. Our Viral and Retroviral Kit is designed to target these microbial invaders on multiple levels by providing exceptional immune, drainage, detox, and energy support.




BC-ATP is Cell Cores latest product designed to support mitochondrial function. This is particularly helpful if there are signs of mitochondrial dysfunction such as chronic fatigue and exercise intolerance!


Bowel Mover

Bowel Mover works really well to enhance drainage through the colon. This product has herbs to support motility and gentle pathogen cleansing, preparing the system for deeper clearing and detox. Only stay on this one for 2-3 weeks and take a break before returning.



CT Minerals is a liquid mineral supplement, derived from humic/fulvic acid, which has dual purposes of supporting adequate mineral levels as well as supporting drainage and clearing of waste/toxic accumulation in the system.


KL Support

KL Support is a wonderful drainage support, it has nutrients and herbs that support the function of the kidneys and liver. This product is both protective to the kidneys and liver, and enhances drainage through these pathways!


ViRadChem Binder

One of the three binders Dr. Jess rotates all of her clients through! This one targets viral pathogens and radiation. Dr. Jess takes this after fights.

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Access Dr. Jess personally curated holistic medicine guides and protocols.