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Nutritional Supplements

Here you will find the trusted nutritional supplement partners that Dr Jess uses and recommends to supplement dietary needs in the modern world. As the Earth loses its life giving topsoil, it can become increasingly difficult to find all of the essential elements of our dietary nutrition needs in the typical diet alone.

Bee & You: Propolis Nasal Spray Save 25%

Dr. Jess recently discovered Bee and You products and LOVES their propolis nasal spray to pull out mycotoxins and colonized bacteria from the nasal cavity. Honey and propolis are super sticky so very efficacious! Enjoy

Ground-Based Nutrition Save 20%

One of Dr Jess’s favorite nutritional supplement companies! The C8MCT is the best coffee boost!

Needed: Mom & Pregnancy Supplements 20% off first time orders

Nourishment for a Women looking to get pregnant, during pregnancy and even postpartum. Created by Mama’s for Mamas! A Dr. Jess Favorite when looking for optimal support for Motherhood.