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Leaky Gut

Leaky gut is an umbrella layman’s term for permeable gut membrane. This can be caused by several factors, including stress, sympathetic overdrive, trauma, high EMF, pathogens, toxins, diet, water, and heavy metals. In this protocol, Dr. Jess aims to educate you about tending to your terrain and stress first before killing or eradicating anything. Several tests provided here can help you decide what is going on while Wellness Plus will guide you on how to heal!


Intestinal Permeability Support Kit

Leaky gut kit! This kit is intended for those who may require additional digestive system support, with herbs and nutrients to optimize GI tract function, digestion and healthy bile flow, the body’s natural ability to detoxify, and promote an overall balanced system.*

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Vibrant Wellness

Leaky Gut Panel

This easy to use kit checks markers like zonulin and lipopolysaccharide that point towards leaky gut. An at-home collection to objectively measure levels of intestinal permeability.

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Vibrant Wellness

Wheat Zoomer

For the detection of wheat and gluten-related disorders, intestinal permeability, celiac disease, and gluten-related autoimmunity. The Wheat Zoomer panel assesses sensitivity to wheat, autoimmune disease, and intestinal barrier stability. If you suspect you have a wheat sensitivity, multiple food sensitivities, intestinal permeability, autoimmune disorders, or chronic inflammation, you may benefit from this panel.

Price: $239

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3 months Silver access for $199 ($297 value)