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Immunomodulators function as balancers of an imbalanced immune system. Here you will find products that help lessen Herxheimer or healing detox reactions and provide supplemental building blocks so that an immune system can function correctly. These are balancing products and work well with someone with recurrent infections or low immunity overall.

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Beyond Balance


ENL-TX™ is a great product to use in conjunction with other products to help open drainage! It was developed to support the body’s inherent activity to detoxify toxins found in our environment and to guard against various microorganisms.*

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Host Defense

MyCommunity® offers 17 powerful mushroom species for immune system health. This product is an amazing one to have in your home medicinary for long term immune and overall longevity support.

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Ortho Molecular

SBI Protect

SBI Protect is an immunoglobulin product which supports removal of inflammatory byproducts in the digestive tract while also encouraging the healing of the mucosa and leaky gut conditions. It functions both as a sort of binder and tissue healing supplement and can be really effective for a wide variety of digestive issues.

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Pure Encapsulations

Th1 Support

TH1 support contains herbs that help to balance the T2 and T1 branches of our immune function. TH2 dominance can happen for many reasons (which is more allergic immune response) and can end up inhibiting TH1 (which is responsible for addressing pathogens and stealth infections). A well functioning TH1 immune system is essential and this product can help.

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Boost Capsules for Immunity Support

Boost is for those who have recurrent viral and gut infections. Dr. Jess loves the SOUL team for no THC CBD isolate.

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Moducare is a blend of plant sterols and sterolins that help promote a balanced immune system. It can be very helpful for autoimmune processes. This product should ideally be used under the supervision of your provider as it is strong and not appropriate in all cases!

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