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Dr Jess has handpicked some of her trusted alliances in the bioresonance and energy medicine world, including Root Cause clinic and the amazing handheld AO scan. Feel like regular tests aren’t giving you the answers you need?  Check out bioresonance which can get you over the plateau!

Root Cause Clinic Save $20 on $275+

Root cause clinic uses energy and vibrations to measure different pathogens, metals, toxicities, and emotions within the body. One of Dr. Jess’s faves!

Solex Mobile Bioresonance Scanner Practitioner referral for wholesale pricing

The Solex AO scan is a handheld, non traceable military-grade phone with so many skills it’ll blow your mind! Dr. Jess not only owns one but relies on it heavily to scan for pathogens when conventional tests are unreliable.