Webinar 13: Live Consult Pediatric Edition (Dr. Renfer)

Thursday, April 6th 2023 3:00pm PST
Dr. Jessica Renfer drjessica.nd

Licensed naturopathic doctor with expertise in lifestyle transformation, healing from chronic disease and natural fertility & preconception.

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Raising Healthy Kids: A Live Consult on Holistic Treatment for Children

Are you looking for natural and effective ways to keep your children healthy and happy? Join our live consult where we’ll explore holistic approaches to treating common childhood ailments such as colds, allergies, and digestive issues.

Our experienced holistic practitioner Dr. Jessica Renfer will share their expertise on using nutrition, herbal remedies, and lifestyle changes to promote wellness in children. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and get personalized advice on your child’s specific health concerns.

In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of holistic health and how it can benefit your child’s overall well-being
  • Common childhood ailments and natural ways to treat them
  • Simple tips for incorporating holistic practices into your family’s daily routine
  • How to create a personalized holistic health plan for your child

Don’t miss this chance to learn how to support your child’s health and vitality through holistic treatments. Sign up now for our live consult and start your journey to raising healthy kids!

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