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Oxymel: Ancient Elixir with Powerful Benefits for Asthma, Obesity, and Inflammation

Sunday, October 22nd 2023 10:00am 6 min read
Dr. Jessica Peatross dr.jess.md @drjessmd

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In this age of easily accessible pharmaceutical products catering to a wide range of ailments, the inclination to turn to the local drugstore for relief has become second nature. However, this wasn’t always the case. Throughout history, our forebears possessed an extensive understanding of the remedies derived from the natural world. Fortunately, much of this traditional wisdom endures, with numerous individuals opting for these methods to bypass pharmaceuticals and their potential side effects.

A noteworthy illustration of this is an herbal concoction known as oxymel, a recipe so uncomplicated that it can be crafted right in your own kitchen.

Despite the simplicity of its components, the curative properties of oxymel are applicable to a variety of health issues. Different variations of this elixir have been scientifically scrutinized for their impact on concerns such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, prostate pain syndrome, and even moderate to severe asthma.

What Exactly is Oxymel?

Referred to by the Turkish name “sirkencubin,” oxymel is a blend of honey and vinegar, sometimes augmented with other elements for flavor or specific benefits. The therapeutic advantages vary depending on the spices or herbs integrated into the mixture. Historical pharmaceutical manuscripts from medieval Persia catalogue approximately 1,200 types of oxymel. It serves as a superb means of extracting and utilizing the advantageous properties of innumerable herbs and therapeutic plants.

The insights of ancient physicians and healers, grounded in practical experience, recognized the efficacy of the diverse ingredients, which modern scientists can now elucidate. For instance, honey was used for wound care, alleviating burns, improving ulcers, and addressing ailments like upper respiratory tract infections.

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