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Webinar 15: Meditation & Energy Techniques to Support Drainage Pathways

Tuesday, May 16th 2023 3:00pm PST
Dr. Jessica Renfer drjessica.nd

Licensed naturopathic doctor with expertise in lifestyle transformation, healing from chronic disease and natural fertility & preconception.

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In this webinar, Dr. Renfer will guide you through a guided meditation and energy healing self care practice to support drainage pathway flow. As we know, the drainage pathways are essential to optimize to support healing, especially when undergoing any detox or cleanse. Our nervous system, and mental emotional state very much affect the whole body, including all of the drainage organs and processes. We can harness this mind/body connection for our benefit, and with intention and simple focus enhance the physiologic functions of our body.

In this webinar you will experience:

  • A guided meditation to relax the whole system and touch upon each of the drainage pathways.
  • Simple hand placements and techniques derived from cranial sacral therapy and other energy healing modalities to tune into these organs and systems.

This is an opportunity to focus in and see what your body may be trying to tell you! You can do a practice such as this every day to stay present with your body and its shifting needs, and especially when starting a cleanse. When experiencing uncomfortable symptoms the first place to look is these drainage pathways, taking time to listen your body and tend to the subtle energetics often lends itself to more ease and grace in your healing journey.

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