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Webinar 3: Breathwork for Relaxation & Healing

Saturday, February 26th 2022 2:00am EST
Dr. Jessica Renfer drjessica.nd

Licensed naturopathic doctor with expertise in lifestyle transformation, healing from chronic disease and natural fertility & preconception.

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With Guest Facilitator Brian Eremita

In this webinar, you will learn about some of the benefits of breathwork, and be guided through a simple practice using two different styles of breath to support relaxation. These particular breathing techniques help to enhance parasympathetic (and vagal) tone, reduce anxiety and allow for the body, mind, and emotions to calm down, creating the space for deep healing.

Through this exploration:

  1. Learn about the value of Breathwork to support healing, some of the physical benefits as well as for emotional balance and processing.
  2. Diaphragmatic Breathing is a deep belly breathing technique that enhances parasympathetic tone by focusing on contracting and relaxing the diaphragm. The extended exhale further relaxes the nervous system, slowing pulse and reducing blood pressure.
  3. The second breath is done laying down with elevated legs, which has the additional benefit of activating the barometric (pressure sensing) receptors in the carotid artery, further relaxing the whole body into that deep parasympathetic state.
  4. Humming during the exhale activates a branch of the vagal nerve (the superior laryngeal nerve.
  5. Through this practice, you will be able to start incorporating these simple breath techniques into your daily practice to support your healing journey.

To learn more or work with Brian directly: https://www.elevatedearthretreats.com/

Ask questions in our community forum here: https://app.drjessmd.com/forums/forum/mind-body-spirit-medicine/



$20 off your first month

Identify & address the underlying causes of chronic health conditions