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CellCore: Drainage Activator

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Extracellular matrix (ECM) supporting supplement, blending adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs for optimal cellular health and detoxification.

Revitalize Your System with Drainage Activator: The Pioneering ECM Support Supplement

Discover the power of cutting-edge health innovation with Drainage Activator, your new ally in wellness and vitality. Tailored to nurture one of the most crucial yet overlooked aspects of bodily health—the extracellular matrix (ECM)—Drainage Activator is more than just a supplement; it’s a cornerstone for your cellular wellbeing.

Unveiling the Mysteries of ECM The ECM is the life-giving fluid matrix that fills the spaces between your cells. This intricate lattice is not merely a cellular filler but the very foundation of cellular health, energy production, lymphatic flow, and the optimal functioning of vital organs like the gut and liver. By maintaining the ECM, Drainage Activator supports your body’s inner ecosystem.

Nature’s Finest, For You Infused with a potent ensemble of six adaptogenic mushrooms, each carefully selected for their harmonious effects, Drainage Activator is a symphony of natural support. Complemented by a diverse array of herbs such as manjistha, olive leaf, Nigella sativa (black cumin seed), gotu kola, and St. John’s Wort, this supplement is crafted to empower your body’s inherent detoxification pathways.*

Gentle Yet Effective Incorporating Drainage Activator into your routine is seamless, with its formulation being well-tolerated in clinical practice. It’s designed to be a gentle addition to your wellness regimen, adaptable to your unique journey. You can integrate it with our comprehensive kits and protocols whenever you feel the need for an extra boost in your body’s drainage efficiency.

Innovation Meets Tradition: BioActive Carbon® Technology At the heart of Drainage Activator lies our revolutionary BioActive Carbon® Technology. This proprietary blend of fulvic acids is not just a supplement; it’s a breakthrough. By fostering cellular repair and bolstering the body’s detox capabilities, it sets a new standard in supplement efficacy.* With its low pH, our Carbon Technology ensures that the vital ingredients are delivered to your system intact, bypassing the harsh environment of stomach acid, and reaching their target areas with maximum potency.

Recharge and maintain your body’s balance with Drainage Activator—the smart way to support your extracellular matrix and enhance your overall wellness.

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$20 off your first month

Access Dr. Jess personally curated holistic medicine guides and protocols.