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Super Teeth Dental Probiotic Save 10%

At SUPER TEETH we strive to create natural and effective oral health products for customers who value a holistic lifestyle and want to maintain good oral health. We believe that education is the key to oral disease prevention and overall wellness, and we want to share our knowledge with others.

Parents on a Mission

As parents of 3 small children, we were tired of the daily brushing and flossing struggle. We were also tired of experiencing cavity-filled dental appointments ourselves. We knew there had to be another way to maintain good oral health for our family while still aligning with our values of keeping our household toxin-free.

The Discovery of Dental Probiotics

After doing some research and discussing our issues with Cameron’s father, Dr. Ronald Dahl (a dentist of over 35 years) we learned why our teeth become prone to cavities and how there might be other ways to protect them besides just brushing and flossing. We learned that our mouths have their own microbiome and need as much care as our gut microbiome with different probiotic strains targeted for teeth and gums.

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