Satya Health Dr Sonny & Dr Shy

What Dr. Jess Loves:

Dr Jess Love Dr. Sonny and Dr. Shy they’re a married MD team that gets to the root cause. They use energy medicine and epigenetics to get real answers for clients!

We’re an MD couple with a passion to bring forward the truth about the current health paradigm. Satya literally means “essence of truth” in Sanskrit. The truth is that everyone can be healthy if they understand how their bodies work. Society has pulled a veil over people’s eyes into believing their health relies on a doctor, procedure or pill. By using genetic science and biofield imaging we can get our own individual blueprint about what our bodies need to function optimally. Not every supplement, lifestyle technique or therapy will work for all of us, so we need to be able to target these modalities to our own biochemical and energetic blueprint. This is a possibility that’s unlocked through gene testing and biofield imaging. We’ve found that when people learn this about themselves, they reclaim their power, and suddenly any disease label or condition disappears. The truth is that health is our fundamental right, we need to take back our power and we’re here to show you how.

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