Controlling Sugar Intake to Inhibit Cancer Cells

Thursday, March 3rd 2022 10:00am 14 min read
Dr. Jessica Peatross @drjessmd

Hospitalist & top functional MD who gets to the root cause. Stealth infection & environmental toxicity keynote speaker.

We spend billions of dollars on cancer research, and the medical industry has made technological advancements in detection and treatment. Still, cancer remains the second most common cause of preventable deaths in the United States.

If you look at cancer treatment centers in the U.S., you will notice that along with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, staff will encourage and offer patients sugary snacks and meal replacements. This is in an effort to help them maintain some weight. But, sugar and processed ingredients feed cancer.

Detriments of sugar

For people diagnosed with cancer, it is crucial to avoid high amounts of carbohydrates. Traditional oncological doctors seem to view this as a non-factor. If you want to give a body a fighting chance against cancer, then sugar must be eliminated.

Let’s take a look at how sugar feeds cancer.

Cancer cells vs. healthy cells

What makes a cancer cell different?

Based on the work of Otto Warburg, Thomas Seyfried, and many others, we know that cancer cells are metabolically damaged. Metabolically damaged in that their energy-producing structures, mitochondria, operate inefficiently.

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