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The American Sandwich: A Heart Bomb

Monday, May 29th 2023 10:00am 3 min read
Dr. Jessica Peatross dr.jess.md @drjessmd

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Sandwiches have been identified as a significant contributor to the unhealthy American diet, with most Americans consuming excessive amounts of sodium, sugar, and saturated fat, as revealed by government survey data. Nearly half of Americans consume sandwiches on any given day, and they are the primary culprit in this regard. Nutritionists, doctors, and public-health officials are advocating for simple changes to make sandwiches healthier and improve people’s health.

Federal survey data analysis reveals that sandwiches are the primary source of sodium and saturated fat in the American diet, accounting for about one-fifth of daily sodium intake and 19% of daily saturated fat calories. Sandwiches also contribute 7% of daily added sugars, similar to breakfast cereals and bars.

According to Dariush Mozaffarian, a cardiologist and professor of nutrition and medicine at Tufts University, consuming a standard deli sandwich with processed meat and cheese is equivalent to consuming a heart bomb.

Excess sodium intake can lead to high blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers analyzed federal survey data and found that people consume nearly 100 extra calories on the days they eat sandwiches. Sandwiches are often high in calories compared to other meals.

Sandwiches have become a popular choice among busy Americans due to their delicious taste, portability, affordability, and widespread availability on the menus of fast-food chains, corporate cafeterias, and school lunches.

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