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TCM: What Kind of Cold Do You Have?

Tuesday, August 22nd 2023 10:00am 4 min read
Dr. Jessica Peatross dr.jess.md @drjessmd

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As the autumn season ushers in chillier weather, there is often a rise in the frequency of colds and flu. Quick recovery from such ailments often necessitates strengthening the body’s defensive energy, referred to as “protective qi”. Nevertheless, certain misguided actions taken by individuals suffering from colds or flu can lead to a quick decline in the body’s protective qi, thereby exacerbating the illness.

The approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) towards illness is based on the belief that diseases are often the result of environmental influences. These influences, or the six external pathogenic influences, are wind, cold, heat, dryness, dampness, and summer heat. Similarly, a common cold is also attributed to the invasion of these external pathogenic factors in TCM.

Qi, in the context of TCM, represents the life force or vital energy of a person. In order to maintain a balanced life and stay free from health issues, it is important to have balanced qi. There are several types of qi, one of which is “protective qi”. This form of qi is thought to function primarily at the body’s surface, acting as a defense mechanism similar to the anatomical barriers of the innate immune system. A person is more susceptible to disease when their protective qi is low.

The objective of many TCM treatments is to bolster the body’s protective qi. Treatments are customized, chosen based on the individual’s unique health conditions because everyone’s physical state varies. However, some common missteps can cause a sharp decline in the body’s protective qi when dealing with a cold, worsening the symptoms.

The importance of timing in consuming ginger tea

The use of natural herbs, like ginger, to treat colds has been a traditional practice in China for millennia. Despite its simplicity, this method has proven to be highly effective and is still in use today.

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