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Tamarind: A Natural Detoxifier for Fluoride in Drinking Water

Friday, January 26th 2024 10:00am 5 min read
Dr. Jessica Peatross dr.jess.md @drjessmd

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Over 200 million people in the United States have access to water supplies that are fluoridated. If you’re one of these individuals, you might consider using tamarind as a means to remove fluoride from your system.

Tamarind (Tamarindus indica), a perennial tree originating from tropical Africa, is extensively grown for its distinctive sweet and sour fruit.[i] The pod-like fruit’s brown pulp is commonly used in Indian cooking for marinades and chutneys, while its unripe version is valued for pickling. Additionally, a dried powder made from this fruit is often included in drinks and snacks to add a tart flavor.[ii]

However, tamarind is not just a culinary ingredient; it has a rich history in traditional medicine. The leaves of the tamarind tree have anti-inflammatory properties,[iii] and its seeds are a source of fatty acids, phenolic antioxidants, and various biological compounds. Leaf extracts are also rich in potent flavonoids like epicatechin and apigenin, as well as beta-carotene and vitamin C.[iv]

Our extensive tamarind research database includes numerous studies highlighting the health benefits of tamarind. Notably, tamarind seed polysaccharides have been identified as effective in detoxifying harmful substances, including fluoride, which is found in 73% of the drinking water in the United States.[v]

Tamarind Helps Eliminate Fluoride from the Body

In the United States, chances are high that you are among the over 207 million people receiving fluoridated water.[vi] Fluoride, known to be a neurotoxin, can adversely affect health in various ways, including cognitive issues, reduced IQ, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, heart disease, and fluoride toxicity.[vii]

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