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Talk 31: Physics Becomes Physiology & Energy Medicine of the Future

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Dr. Jessica Peatross

Hospitalist & top functional MD who gets to the root cause. Stealth infection & environmental toxicity keynote speaker.

dr.jess.md @drjessmd

Veronica Lelie

Naturopathic medical practitioner and former farm girl who treated her vector diseases and regained 100% of her health.


Webinar Overview

Have you ever felt like conventional medicine is not providing all the answers you need for your health and well-being? If so, you might want to explore the world of bioresonance and Energy Medicine—an exciting frontier that intersects quantum physics, human physiology, and holistic healing. Join us in this enlightening pre-recorded webinar where we delve into the science and success stories behind these alternative approaches to health.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Individuals interested in alternative medicine
  • Healthcare practitioners looking to expand their toolkit
  • Anyone curious about the connection between quantum physics and health
  • Those who feel like something is missing in their current health journey

Key Takeaways

  1. Gain a solid understanding of what Bioresonance and Energy Medicine are and their foundational principles.
  2. Learn firsthand from Veronica, an experienced practitioner, about her journey into the realm of bioresonance.
  3. Hear incredible success stories that testify to the efficacy of these approaches.
  4. Understand how Energy Medicine can “fill in the cracks” in your health journey where traditional methods may fall short.
  5. Discover where you can get bioresonance testing done to begin your own journey toward improved health and well-being.

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$20 off your first month

Access Dr. Jess personally curated holistic medicine guides and protocols.