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Vibrant Wellness: Neural Zoomer Plus DBS

What Dr. Jess Loves:

Neural Zoomer Plus is a cutting-edge diagnostic test that precisely analyzes 48 well-studied antibodies, providing comprehensive insights into immune reactivity in the brain and peripheral nervous system, making it an invaluable tool for addressing a spectrum of neurological symptoms and empowering proactive health management.

Unlock the mysteries of neurological health with the Neural Zoomer Plus, a cutting-edge diagnostic tool designed to delve into the intricate mechanisms underlying disease progression. This comprehensive test harnesses the power of advanced science, examining 48 of the most well-studied antibodies associated with the brain and nervous system.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Insights: Pinpoint the specific immune reactivity to structures, tissues, cells, and chemicals in both the brain and peripheral nervous system. Neural Zoomer Plus provides unparalleled precision in identifying potential inflammatory responses that could be contributing to a myriad of symptoms.
  2. Comprehensive Analysis: Go beyond conventional diagnostics with a test that explores inflammatory autoimmune responses to various regions, structures, and chemicals within the brain and nervous system. This holistic approach ensures a thorough examination, making it an invaluable resource for understanding the complexities of neurological health.
  3. Symptom Relevance: Tailored to address a spectrum of symptoms related to neurological health, Neural Zoomer Plus is a crucial tool for individuals experiencing issues such as mood disturbances, memory loss, aging-related concerns, balance problems, nervous function, movement disorders, pain, and more.

Who Should Consider Neural Zoomer Plus?

  • Individuals with body aches, tremors, or joint pain.
  • Those at risk for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.
  • Individuals experiencing ADHD, Autism, PANS/PANDAS, or mood disorders.
  • Anyone with balance problems, memory loss, trouble concentrating, or vision/hearing issues.
  • Those dealing with chronic or acute fatigue.
  • Individuals with gastrointestinal symptoms or other autoimmune disorders.

Why Choose Neural Zoomer Plus?

In the pursuit of optimal neurological health, Neural Zoomer Plus stands out as a groundbreaking diagnostic tool. By unraveling the immune reactivity within the brain and peripheral nervous system, this test provides a roadmap to solutions for enhanced well-being. Empower yourself with knowledge and take control of your neurological health with Neural Zoomer Plus – where precision meets progress.

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Full testing is available in all 50 states.
Only saliva and urine testing are available in Denmark and Spain.
Testing isn’t available in Brazil, Croatia, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Panama, and Peru.
Your results will also explain what these levels may indicate, as well as the next steps you may want to consider. The results of this test do not diagnose a disease or condition, nor do they recommend a specific medication or treatment. It is recommended you share positive results with your health care provider to discuss if additional screening is needed, as it is possible for a false positive test for Lyme disease to occur due to other bacterial infections mistakenly being reported as a positive Lyme antibody test. Also, if your symptoms persist but you tested negative for Lyme disease, you may have tested too soon after you were bitten for your body to have produced enough antibodies to be detectable. Your healthcare provider may recommend testing again if you are symptomatic.

Sample Type: Finger Prick

Vibrant testing does not demonstrate absolute positive and negative predictive values for any disease state or condition. Its clinical utility has not been fully established. Vibrant validates the accuracy and precision of the testing but not of its clinical or diagnostic value. So these tests are for wellness and informational purpose only. Vibrant is actively doing clinical research on these samples, de-identified from patients under an IRB and will make research publications towards the same as and when the clinical utility is well established. These tests have been laboratory developed and their performance characteristics determined by Vibrant America LLC, a CLIA-certified laboratory performing the test CLIA#:05D2078809. The test has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although FDA does not currently clear or approve laboratory-developed tests in the U.S., certification of the laboratory is required under CLIA to ensure the quality and validity of the tests. The general wellness test intended uses relate to sustaining or offering general improvement to functions associated with a general state of health while making reference to diseases or conditions. Content provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Content provided to help you make a healthy lifestyle, dietary, and treatment choices in consultation with your healthcare provider. It is intended to be used as a tool to encourage a general state of health and well-being. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner for diagnosis and treatment considerations. The Vibrant Wellness platform provides tools for you to track and analyze your general wellness profile.

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