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Ortho Molecular: D-Hist Jr Wholesale

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For children who need support during high allergy seasons or those who are prone to seasonal challenges due to environmental allergens. It’s a natural, gentle, and effective way to help your child through those challenging times.

Ortho Molecular’s D-Hist Jr. is a meticulously crafted, child-friendly chewable tablet designed to alleviate seasonal discomfort caused by environmental allergens. Enriched with a specialized blend of flavonoids, antioxidants, proteolytic enzymes, and botanicals, it offers comprehensive support tailored for young ones. The formula features quercetin, a potent flavonoid that regulates histamine levels, coupled with bromelain to enhance quercetin absorption and support mucosal tissue health. It also includes stinging nettle leaf to modulate immune response and N-acetyl cysteine to maintain clear airways by ensuring normal mucus viscosity. This blend not only ensures the maintenance of healthy nasal and sinus passages but also provides a safe, effective solution for children experiencing elevated histamine levels and respiratory irritation. Perfect for children during high allergy seasons, D-Hist Jr. is the go-to choice for natural and gentle respiratory support.

  1. Great Taste, Kid-Friendly Formulation: D-Hist Jr. comes in a chewable tablet form, making it easy and pleasant for children to take. Its great taste ensures compliance even with picky eaters.
  2. Targeted Blend for Seasonal Challenges: This product is specifically formulated to aid children who face seasonal challenges from common environmental allergens. It includes a targeted mix of flavonoids, antioxidants, proteolytic enzymes, and botanicals.
  3. Quercetin for Healthy Histamine Levels: Contains quercetin, a potent flavonoid, known to support healthy histamine levels. This helps in managing symptoms related to allergic responses.
  4. Bromelain for Enhanced Absorption & Support: Bromelain not only enhances the absorption of quercetin but also supports mucosal tissue health, contributing to overall respiratory wellness.
  5. Stinging Nettles Leaf for Immune Balance: The inclusion of stinging nettles leaf helps balance the body’s hyper-immune response, which is crucial during high allergy seasons.
  6. N-acetyl Cysteine for Respiratory Health: N-acetyl cysteine is added to aid in clearing the airways by promoting normal mucus viscosity. This is particularly beneficial for children with respiratory irritation.
  7. Safe & Effective: Ortho Molecular’s D-Hist Jr. is designed to be safe for children, offering a gentle yet effective approach to managing nasal and sinus health.
  8. Comprehensive Support: The unique combination of ingredients in D-Hist Jr. works synergistically to promote healthy nasal and sinus passages, providing comprehensive support for children dealing with elevated histamine levels and respiratory discomfort.

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