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JRNO Skin Care & Wellness Consult Tell her Dr. Jess sent you

I am a registered nurse who quit my job at a cooperate clinic to open up a Wellness And skincare Center. After working as a nurse in the ER for 10 years, I saw the need for natural alternative therapies to maximize the health of my patients, family, and community.

After 13 years in nursing, I came to realize I needed to be freed from the cooperate handcuffs. Freed to stop complaining and start coming up with solutions. Solutions for my frustrations when coming home from the hospital. Solutions to knowing that God made us all know that he is with us, in us, and for us. (Oh the possibilities!) Solutions for natural health. Solutions to the realization that there’s Health in Beauty and Beauty in Health.

And so I introduce to you JRNO Skin Care and Wellness. Where we practice the 80/20 rule for natural skincare and overall wellness. No perfect people are allowed. But only those who are looking for solutions and want to join the quest of finding Beauty in Health and Health in Beauty.

JRNO specializes in more natural alternatives for skincare options. Our skincare line is handcrafted and made with active living nutrients. We see AMAZING results with this option alone. The regimen is medicinal grade, simple and affordable compared to anything OTC. Email us today for a consultation on the skincare products we recommend.

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