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Natural Herbal Supports for Anxiety Symptoms

Tuesday, May 3rd 2022 10:00am 6 min read
Dr. Jessica Peatross dr.jess.md @drjessmd

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Anxiety can range from mild to extreme. On the mild end, you might experience some generalized jitters or stomach butterflies. On the extreme end, some people experience full-blown generalized anxiety disorders with panic attacks and debilitating phobias. Thankfully, a wide range of herbs and plant-based medicines can help you deal with anxiety in any form.

Anxiety is real. It can present as depression, insomnia, addiction, self-medication, fatigue, job or relationship paralysis, and much more. In most instances, it is fleeting and resolves on its own. However, chronic anxiety is not natural and can result in stress that leads to cortisol dysregulation. This can have a negative impact on both your emotional and physical health.

Anxiety disorders are the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric illnesses in the U.S. Approximately 30% of the population experiences anxiety symptoms at some point in their lifetime. Anxiety disorders are twice as common for women as it is for men. Doctors will typically prescribe pharmaceuticals to address anxiety.

However, anti-anxiety medications, such as highly addictive benzodiazepines – Valium, Klonopin, Xanax, Ativan – and other medications have many unpleasant side effects. This includes short and long-term impact on your cognitive function. While alleviating anxiety symptoms may help temporarily, it doesn’t prevent a relapse. More importantly, they don’t address the root causes of your anxiety.

Herbs for anxiety

While you are working on the root causes of your anxiety, you may want to try a supportive, natural remedy to help address the symptoms for greater inner peace.

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