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What makes us sick? Germ vs. Terrain

WHAT MAKES US SICK 😷 90% is due to the environment
Just for fun, ever thought about if there might be any truth to ancient religious texts that claimed we lived for hundreds of years? It sounds crazy & unrealistic today when people are dying of heart attacks in their 40s or 50s. Plus all those infectious diseases too! I truly believe our immune system can ward off pathogens when it is supported properly & we are balanced. Literally bye to all the bacteria & viruses. #invisible Idk, maybe I live in a dream world-but I believe without all those environmental toxicities, our resilient & self-healing bodies might shock the hell outta us. All these new autoimmune diseases, or a constellation of symptoms labeled as certain diseases-well, what was the incidence of them prior to petroleum, plastics & pesticides? Yes occasionally & especially as the industrial revolution progressed, pollution increases & hygiene is considered sterilization by the eradication of all bacterial (defense) systems, we began to see plagues & infections.
Given that babies are exposed to nearly 300 toxins in utero (study via moms across America), do you ever wonder if we could be born without disease? In fact, I do believe God created our bodies perfectly. It is manmade error that leads to disease. .
What causes disease?
1️⃣Stealth infections. Science admits that 30% of cancers are caused by pathogens like EBV? They don’t acknowledge mold or chronic Lyme. So wonder what the true incidence is…or their role in autoimmunity. OR are they there for toxin cleanup?
2️⃣Adverse childhood events (ACE) shows a higher rate of autoimmunity, cancer, hospitalizations & can change genes.
3️⃣Environmental toxicities cloud our air, water & soil. We are becoming plastic as plastic is in our food. These changes have been made over 70 years to our society. Not equipped to break this stuff down guys.
5️⃣Heavy metals are well known to be toxic to humans in certain amounts-some being toxic to the brain, inducing personality changes or interfering with the Krebs cycle or electron transport chain.
6️⃣ Genes 🧬 are epigenetically changed via the routes discussed here & then passed on through the generations.

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