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Negative Emotions & Trauma Attract Industrial Toxins

I used to focus only on 🦠pathogens & environmental toxins. The further I go into diving into knowledge & my career, the more I feel that I didn’t put enough stress on negative or discordant emotions, childhood trauma, stress & a fear based perspective. Often times, people cannot heal until they truly address that nagging background noise of not feeling safe, secure or that they belong in this world 🌎 YOU BELONG. YOU ARE HERE FOR A PURPOSE. YOU DESERVE PEACE AND SOLACE.

The body keeps the score. Our lymphatic organs & system hold suppressed trauma & emotions. Our lymph system is also a sewer system for toxins like medications, shots, PCBs, heavy metals like arsenic & mercury, BOA, PFOAS, volatile organic compounds all interrupt biochemical processes & lead to DNA DAMAGE-or oxidative stress. The body cannot keep up. Microbes, who are pleomorphic, are called to the are for cleanup of toxins & organic waste. Mold digests bacteria. It’s all a giant ecosystem. You wouldn’t have nearly the problems with bacteria, mold, yeast or parasites if diseased tissue wasn’t present in the body—FROM TOXIN OVERLOAD THAT OVERRUNS YOUR BODY’S PATHWAYS.

I’m a subtractionist. Most people are sick because of toxins, people and beliefs they’ve picked up over their course on earth, that do not belong inside of them. Seeing as the body can engineer nearly everything it needs except water, essential amino acids & vitamin C, etc then most of us are sick due to processes inside the body that are interrupted by chemical compounds or discordant energies that are not welcome. Shedding layers physically, mentally & spiritually can return you to the highest version of yourself.


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$15 Off First Month

For new customers on all memberships