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How to overcome Procrastination

Friday, July 21st 2023 1:00pm 3 min read
Dr. Natalia Subirats Duran dr.nataliasubirats

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How to Overcome Procrastination

Have you ever experienced a lack of concentration and found yourself making a thousand excuses before starting to work on important tasks? Instead, you end up multitasking, checking emails, messages on your phone, and doing other things, while leaving the important work pending. Well, this is probably my main personal challenge, and since I started working on improving it, I want to share what has helped me to shift away from this pattern.

What can I do to be more productive and get important tasks done?

Identify the priority tasks for the day and the secondary ones. Start by working on the top priorities and most important tasks before moving on to the secondary ones. If you finish them and have time left, you can work on the rest, but the main tasks should be completed first.

Don’t overload yourself with a long list of important tasks for the day. Be realistic and understand that you won’t be able to accomplish everything within the available time. Set a maximum of 2-3 tasks, and if you find that you can accomplish them faster by focusing more, you can add more in the future.

Unless absolutely necessary to have for the chosen task, put your phone aside! Constantly checking for messages or social media posts generates dopamine, which gradually decreases your concentration, making you crave constant dopamine input in your brain. It becomes addictive. The less you seek dopamine rushes, the less you will need them.

I once heard this explanation, and it made a lot of sense:

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