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10 Reasons to Incorporate Lingonberries into Your Diet

Sunday, June 4th 2023 10:00am 2 min read
Dr. Jessica Peatross dr.jess.md @drjessmd

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Lingonberries are a small red fruit that pack a big nutritional punch. Here are ten reasons why you should consider adding lingonberries to your diet.

  1. Anti-aging benefits
    Lingonberries are rich in antioxidants, which help to combat oxidative stress and prevent cellular damage. Studies have shown that lingonberries have anti-aging benefits and may improve cognitive function and memory in older adults.
  2. Diabetes mellitus: Type 2
    Lingonberries have been shown to improve glucose metabolism and reduce blood sugar levels, making them a potential treatment option for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes.
  3. Insulin resistance
    Insulin resistance is a risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Studies have shown that lingonberry extract can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin resistance in overweight individuals.
  4. Kidney diseases
    Lingonberries have been shown to have a protective effect on the kidneys. In animal studies, lingonberry extract reduced kidney damage caused by high-fat diets and improved kidney function.
  5. Liver disease
    Lingonberries may also have a protective effect on the liver. Studies have shown that lingonberry extract can reduce liver damage caused by a high-fat diet and improve liver function.
  6. Obesity
    Lingonberries may be helpful in managing obesity. In a study on mice fed a high-fat diet, lingonberry extract reduced weight gain and improved glucose metabolism.
  7. Oxidative stress
    Lingonberries have been shown to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, which are linked to chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases.
  8. Neurodegenerative diseases
    The antioxidants found in lingonberries may help to protect against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. In animal studies, lingonberry extract improved cognitive function and reduced brain damage.
  9. Cardiovascular disease
    Lingonberries may have a protective effect on the heart. In a study on rats, lingonberry extract reduced blood pressure and improved blood vessel function.
  10. Cancers
    Lingonberries may have anti-cancer properties. In a study on human colon cancer cells, lingonberry extract inhibited cell growth and induced cell death.

Incorporating lingonberries into your diet

Lingonberries can be consumed fresh or in the form of juice, jam, or dried berries. They can be used in a variety of recipes, including smoothies, salads, and desserts. Adding lingonberries to your diet is an easy and delicious way to reap their health benefits.


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