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Be Your Own Best Doctor

Dear friends, patients and health warriors,

My name is Dr. Jess and I left my position as a board certified internal medicine hospitalist to chase root cause answers for my patients.

What a wild ride! After training in Gerson therapy, ozone and at the Institute for Functional Medicine, I became an outspoken advocate for informed consent and patient education. I’m so much happier helping patients heal from diseases they were told were irreversible life sentences. And I realized that wellness is NOT too difficult for the layperson to fully comprehend.

My goal in creating this platform is to guide all of you in a way where you all can understand your bodies. The body is always trying to communicate with you and it takes a different perspective to be proficient in understanding the translation. You have an innate ability to heal and it’s greater than any of us have been led to believe. Believe me, you do not have a medication deficiency! Just like the majority of my patients, you likely have an unwanted guest or corporate toxin stuck inside that does not belong there.

As a functional medical doctor, my one on one consults helped thousands of people. But after accruing a year long waitlist and repeating myself most consults, I began to realize that I could help so many more people in a group setting and with a unique platform.

The root cause of disease is usually not just one thing, but a combination of environmental toxicities and pathogens. Most of us have sustained some level of emotional trauma throughout life as well. As your guide on Wellness Plus, I’ll comb over the handful of root cause toxicities, drainage pathways and give practical and useful tips to bringing each person’s unique body back online in a gentle manner. With hundreds of PDFs, articles, vlogs, live webinars and interaction with me plus surprise goodies along the way, I think you’ll be mind-blown about the incredible educational and healing value.

My recipe has been successful even with the most difficult of patients but health is ultimately in YOUR hands. Therefore, you need to be the captain of your own ship! My goal is to make you confident, vibrant, and healthier in mind, body and spirit through education. Won’t you join me in becoming your own best doctor?

Much Love, Dr. Jess

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Who is Dr. Jessica Peatross?

Functional Medical Doctor, stealth infection expert and Gerson therapy practitioner, Dr. Jessica Peatross is a well-respected and highly sought-after medical professional that functions holistically rather than chemically. After 6 years in the hospital, it became evident that the 'pill for every ill' approach was not improving the health or lives of my patients. After leaving Western medicine I began to educate myself on the aspects of health that I was not taught in medical school and I continue to learn more every day. My goal is for you to have access to this information so that you can "Be Your Own Best Doctor!"

SPECIAL: $49 monthly (Save 50%)

Join WellnessPlus today for premium and interactive health coaching.