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The Detoxing Duo: Environment Mold Test Kit $10 Off

What Dr. Jess Loves:

This method of testing will identify and quantify 36 species of mold and fragments of mold spores, 26 of which are associated with water damaged buildings and can be toxic to human health.

Our mold test uses an ERMI which is a simple, cost effective way to get a baseline understanding of mold in your environment. The test utilizes a PCR analysis – AKA, a DNA analysis of dust, to identify mold spores- some of which are mycotoxin producing and can thus have major health implications.

The TDD mold test kit includes:

  • A dust collection cloth
  • Gloves to wear to collect your sample
  • A pre-paid shipping label and envelope to send your sample to the lab
  • TDD Mold Test Interpretation Guide

The collection process is simple – just use the dust collection cloth to gather dust throughout your home and send in the sample. Understanding the results, on the other hand, can be rather confusing which is why we have an offering to add on a consultation with The Detoxing Duo.

Important note when purchasing: If you want a home screen of the entire home’s overall levels, only a single test kit will be needed. If you want to test individual rooms’ levels, you will need multiple tests. Turnaround time for results is the number of business days from the day the lab receives the sample.

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3 months Silver access for $199 ($297 value)