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Active Skin Repair


Dr Jess feels this is essential for everyone’s first aid kits. Active Skin Repair is a breakthrough technology in healing wounds and skin conditions using a substance known as hypochlorous acid. HOCI is a naturally occurring molecule that is produced by our bodies’ white blood cells as a way to promote healing. The re-creation of this molecule results in a clinically proven regenerative technology that helps […]

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Agent Nateur


This is Dr. Jess’s personal favorite skincare line! Agent Nateur is a luxurious skincare line that avoids all phthalates, parabens, and concerning or questionable chemicals. Choose from a lactic acid cleanser, cucumber eye serum, and the amazing Holi C oil!


Air Purifiers

Industrial level air purification, not just filtration. ASIET sets the standard for air quality systems. Tested and certified for use in many government, disaster, and hospital applications, this is simply the best system for a whole house application.

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Cooling Mattress

Dr Jess owns a Chilisleep and misses it everytime she travels!! You can regulate the temperature on the bed and its EMF Free! It uses Distilled water and helps regulate your sleep. She never wake up sweaty or freezing! Dr Jess fave

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Essential Oils

doTERRA sources, tests, manufactures, and distributes pure essential oils and natural wellness products to over nine million Wellness Advocates and customers. Our products are shipped to 86 countries and counting. When you use a bottle of doTERRA essential oil, you’re using an oil that is pure. There are no contaminants, fillers, or adulterations. The essential […]

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Earth and Moon

Grounding Mats

Dr Jess loves grounding mats for those who live in the city!

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Candle Company

Dr. Jess personally uses Fontana candles and has been impressed with their non-toxic and unique scents. She always has one burning at her house!

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Grass Roots Farmers

Grass Fed Meats

Grass Roots Co-op is proudly featured by Dr. Jess. Her whole family orders from here! Grass Roots has some of the highest quality organ meats which are extremely nutritious and jam-packed with bioavailable B vitamins, zinc, vitamin A and more. Use code DRJESS for $30 off first-time orders of $150 or more plus complimentary delivery

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Water Filtration System

This is one amazing water system that takes everything important into consideration when cleaning your tap water, plus they make whole home, under-the-sink systems. Dr. Jess recommended and approved!

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Your living space isn’t just your sanctuary – it’s also its own little ecosystem. Non-toxic, eco-friendly furniture is not only a plus for the environment, but also for the place you call home. We want the materials we use to be as clean and sustainable as possible. It’s a constant work in progress because we’re […]

Mold Finder’s Method

Professional Home Mold Inspection

Brian Karr’s new national program that finds mold in your home virtually. The most cost-effective way to find the hidden mold that’s making you sick.

Price: $797
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Sustainable Sleep

Dr. Jess personally sleeps on products from Plush Beds every night! They are the some of the best natural sleep products and mattresses available.

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$15 Off First Month

For new customers on all memberships